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About Bas Atelier

BAS Atelier is a creative practice co-founded by architect duo Luis Ignacio Figallo and Patrisa Pruthi, inspired by the ancient decorative technique of low or 'bas' relief.

Born out of a lifelong interest in form, texture, and light, the works are focused around craftsmanship- Each bas-relief is individually designed, carved, and painted by hand in the Miami studio.

The works are both ephemeral and grounded – evocative of natural and architectural contours, shapes, and forms. Their shared background practicing architecture in New York City paired with Luis Ignacio's long-held passion for painting and music permeates the process, composition, and rhythm of the reliefs.

The Process

The bas-reliefs emerge from a meditative process of observing and recording patterns in nature through series of gestural sketches. Each composition is conceived through an intuitive process, later carved to deliberate depths from sustainable wood-fiber panels.

Once the sculpting process is achieved, the reliefs are carefully hand-sanded before being coated with crushed limestone pigments. 

The resulting works are elemental searches into composition, form, and depth, producing abstract landscapes that radiate and flow with the reflection of light.



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